👟 A silly walking simulator for mobile! 👟
👠 Avoid junk, stomp bugs, get shoes! 👠


Original and unique input mechanic!
Your thumbs become feet, and you rotate the phone to pivot.


Change shoes, change levels, go to space!
You unlock shoes and skins, and they'll take you places*.

*sadly, all places are full of junk you should avoid.


Meet Trippy!
This little wise-guy will keep you company on your adventures.


Action Replay!
Watch and share the realistic physics simulations of how you tripped.


Share photos and gifs of the crazy stuff you'll meet along the way. 📷


Watch out for weapon-wielding vacuum-robots, they're lurking in every level, dressed for the occassion. 🔪


Get as far as you can, and hurry up, the fire is hot on your heels! 🔥


No tripping by the pool! It's slippery! 💦


Unlock more than 50 different shoes! 🛍


Get invited to the champagne party! 👠


🎙 Don't Trip: Joke review

Listen to a series of short interviews about comedy, hosted by Joon!

Episodes added every couple days!


A game by

Jonatan Van Hove (Joon) - Design & Development

Dorian Beaugendre - 3D art

Noodlecake Games - Publishing


With the help of

Kristian Ross - Music & Audio

Ego By Design - Graphic design & Branding

Cowabunga Industries - Trailer

Stephen Barlow - Writing